Self Discovery & Energy Healing Mastery
Tap into Infinite Potentials of Your Brain
Learn to Heal Yourself & Share with Others

Includes all of the following:

Journey Within: Sedona Retreat, 5 days 4 nights Retreat in Sedona, AZ


Regular Tuition: $2,300
Early Bird Special offers a 15% discount: $1,955 (register 90 days before the start date)



Journey Within – Sedona Retreat is a 5-day, 4-night retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, AZ, USA. This Retreat offers the experiences of Self Discovery and Self Mastery through mindful energy meditation and self healing journey which will awaken you to your true essence, your ki (qi) energy sensitivities, your observer consciousness, and the laws of nature and the universe, resulting in a greater sense of self awareness of how to be a healer for yourself and others. Meet our master guides, join with fellow explorers and experience this healing journey in the safety of a small group. Learn how to begin to experience a new peace–an internal shift into a higher consciousness.