SEDONA 120 SCHOOL FULL TRAINING COURSE (4 recurring payments)

$1,150.00 / month for 4 months

Self Mastery: Live a Healthy, Happy, and Fulfilled Life
Learn the Ancient Secret to Mindful Energy Principles & Practice
The Sedona 120 School is an online school that teaches lifestyle transformation secrets to individuals who want to recover their natural health, inner strength, passion and confidence to live as who they really are and to live a purpose-filled life full of vitality.

5th Term 3mo Weekly Intensive: Sept 10-Nov 26, 2019 (See Option 3 to register)
6th Term begins Jan 4, 2020 (regular 1yr course)

Includes all of the following:

1-Year Live Online Learning Course
Online Energy Yoga & Meditation
Journey Within: Sedona Retreat, 5 days 4 nights Retreat in Sedona, AZ



  • 1-Year Live Online Learning Course / Q & A Mentorship
  • Consists of  24 live online 1-hour webinar sessions throughout the year.  Featuring your Principal, Ilchibuko Todd, who will be offering 8 primary modules of how to create a healthy physical body, enrich your passion for life, and create a clear and focused mental state through the ancient mindful ki-energy practices for Self Mastery. You will be guided to free yourself from the habitual, automatic modes of your brain, and tap into your brain’s limitless potentials to actualize your dream. You will be encouraged to apply the simple, yet practical techniques to live a life full of vitality each day and experience you life transforming before your eyes. Course Includes live, online Q&A sessions with mentors. Each Live Online Session is recorded and archived for you to watch at anytime.

  • Online Energy Yoga & Meditation
  • 1-year online live classes of Yoga, Meditation, and KiGong will be broadcasted right into your home from the Sedona Meditation Center. These Online Sessions will keep your body, emotions, and mind free from energy blockages; help you get in touch with yourself so you are in your ideal state of mind, which will enable you to be effective and productive in order to create what you want in your daily life.

  • Journey Within: Sedona Retreat 
  • This is a 5-day, 4-night retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, AZ, USA. It offers the experiences of Self Mastery through guided energy meditation and a healing journey which will awaken you to your true essence, your energy sensitivities, your observer consciousness, and the laws of nature and the universe which result in a greater sense of yourself awareness of how to be a healer for yourself and others. Meet our master guides, join with fellow explorers and experience this healing journey in the safety of a small group. Learn how to begin to experience a new peace–an internal shift into a higher consciousness.