Welcome! Are you ready to transform your life and take the next step in your personal growth? You’ve come to the right place, and I’m so excited you’ve found yourself here.

Sedona 120 School was made to guide you to awaken, to experience, and to become aware of the powerful you inside. I believe the guidance that you’ll receive at the Sedona 120 School is essential in allowing you to make the necessary shift to change your life into one that serves who you really are. Your relationship with yourself will change in a way that commits you to heal, love, and grow with others. And this individual awakening and healing will become the seed from which the healing of all humanity and the Earth will grow. I hope you will take this opportunity to create significant changes in your life.

We are absolutely committed, ready and excited to assist you on your journey.

​​​​​​​Ilchibuko Todd
​​​​​​​Principal, Sedona 120 School

What is Sedona 120 School?

For most of our lives, we work hard and reach for success until we are faced with retirement. But what if you had more time? How would that affect your life choices? Can we not only have a long life but also a fulfilling one?

Sedona 120 School is a 1-year LIVE online learning course that teaches smart and effective lifestyle secrets to individuals who want more health, more happiness and more purpose filled lives.

Whether you are new to healthy living or are established and ready to grow, Sedona 120 School will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. It is designed to transform your life and set you ablaze on the path of your dreams. This course is a Dream Year Project in which you are entirely supported to Live Your Dream!

Through our program, you will gain the practical tools to actualize your health, happiness and peace. Moreover, you will, perhaps for the first time ever, enjoy the support and mentorship to Live Your Dream Year, embarking on a dream project of your choosing, and receiving everything you need to see it through.

If you want deep mind-body study and training to be healthier and balanced both emotionally and mentally to be able to make choices that help get you where you want to be…then Sedona 120 School is for you. Ideal members fall into one of these categories:

If you want deep mind-body study and training to be healthier and balanced both emotionally and mentally to be able to make choices that help get you where you want to be…then Sedona 120 School is for you. Ideal members fall into one of these categories:

• Action-oriented, eager newcomers to a life of health and wellness.

• Experienced health and wellness enthusiasts who still feel like something’s missing.

• Successful health and wellness professionals who want to grow their experience and know-how.

    Sedona 120 School is an expansion of the vision delivered by New York Times Bestselling author Ilchi Lee in his most recent book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Transformation.

    Who needs 120 school?

    Do you want to live out your dream?

    Are you looking for self-confidence, happiness, and joy?

    Do you want thriving physical health?

    Do you want emotional balance?

    Do you need complete mental clarity?

    Do you want to enrich your relationships?

    Meet the Teachers
    Ilchibuko Todd
    Mindfulness Expert and Life Coach 
    With over 20 years of experience as a meditation and life coach, Ilchibuko Todd truly believes that personal growth and development are for everyone at any age. She is an international speaker and trainer who awakens people to their fullest potential and will be your main instructor as the Principal of Sedona 120 School. Her expertise is guiding people to discover true health, joy, and greatness within them.
    Program Director
    Yolessa K. Lawrinnce
    Yolessa’s primary focus and joy is helping people to reclaim a sense of power over their health, emotional disposition and mind. She believes that authenticity can result in personal growth and potential at any stage in one’s life. As a Co-Facilitator of the Sedona 120 School, she will guide you to become a conduit to your own awakening, an embodied example of an integrated being.
    What Experts are Saying about I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years…

    “The wisdom here is miles deep, yet easily accessible, making it instantly useable. What you’ll get here can change your life for the better immediately. What a gift!”

    Neale Donald Walsh

    Author, Conversations with God Series

    I’ve Decided to Live 120 Yearsprovides the precise formula you need to follow if you do indeed want to live as fully as possible, as healthfully as possible, for as long as possible.”

    Christiane Northrup

    M.D., OB/GYN · Author of the New York Times bestseller: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing

    “…a bright light of ancient and post modern wisdom on the impact of how each of us defines our life purpose and the pathways we choose for its fulfillment.”

    Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

    Author, Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation

    “A delightful guide full of inspiration and information for those who want to live a full, vibrant, and meaningful life at any age.”

    don Miguel Ruiz

    Author, The Four Agreements 

    What You’ll Receive
    This 1-year course contains 8 modules with live sessions, supplementary video content, and an onsite retreat in Sedona, AZ.
    1. Eight Core Modules in Live Online Sessions
    24 live sessions with Ilchibuko Todd as your main teacher.
    • What Do You Really Want?
    • Make Your Body Your Greatest Tool
    • Lux Living: Raising Consciousness with Cosmic Energy
    • Transforming Negative Habits to Serve Your Purpose
    • Speak With Confidence From Your Soul’s Voice
    • Step Into Creative Power to Manifest Your Intentions
    • Live an Inspired Life that Ignites Passion
    • Dream Project: Build Your Ideal Life in Reality
    Sedona 120 School
    2. One “Journey Within” retreat in Sedona, AZ
    Join us for a retreat to reconnect to your essence, reflect on your life and to begin to design your new life. Reinforce what you learned in your online sessions, taking it to a deeper level, while communing with Sedona’s magnetic and powerfully transformative vortex energy.
    Sedona 120 School
    3. Access to a Private Online Community
    You’re not alone. You have access to sharing your experience with other like-minded individuals.
    Sedona 120 School
    3. Special Care from Mentors and Supporters
    Connect with Mentors with whom you’ll be paired throughout your journey. Meet with them once a month for a live Q & A about your dream project and growth trajectory.
    Sedona 120 School
    4. Access to Online Energy Yoga Classes
    1-year access to online Yoga, KiGong, and Meditation classes that are broadcasted live from the Sedona Meditation Center.
    Sedona 120 School
    5. Bonus Feature: Special Guided Meditations from Sedona Vortexes
    A vortex is where electromagnetic energy from the Earth’s core rises to the surface, which is believed to repair and heal one’s energy field.

    Ilchibuko will lead guided meditations during the live sessions to connect the energy of Sedona vortexes energy to you. This energy will help you clear your negative energies, thoughts and emotions.

    What people say about the Sedona 120 School:
    Norma Ackerly
    Yoga Teacher

    The 120 School Journey Within Retreat exceeded my greatest expectations! I experienced the awakening of my spirit and my energy in the heightened ways. The guidance and support I received was incredible! This retreat has been transformational and I highly recommend it to anyone who is committed to their souls growth and connection.

    Helene Boudreau
    Ontario, Canada

    I am deeply touched and grateful for the personalized care I received during the 120 School Journey Within Retreat. The experiences were real, leading to the awareness, discovery, clarity, transformation and healing. The depth and balance of working to heal and expand my physical body, heart, and brain power are a life changing gift to pursue my new vision of love, wisdom and healing. I feel courage to pursue my journey, shining my beautiful light naturally and trusting that others can be influenced positively.

    Christian Taylor
    Screen Writer of Lost and Teen Wolf

    The 120 retreat was a truly life altering and powerful experience. I had many powerful awakenings, faced my grief and other attachments and let them go in a profound way. It has given me renewed strength to go back and practice the techniques I learnt and take better care of myself. Ilchibuko provides an incredibly nurturing and safe arena to face yourself and change.

    Rachael Harbour
    Tempe, AZ

    Training with Ilchibuko is such a gift and privilege. Each time I have trained with her, I found the difficulties I’ve struggled with all of my life start to disappear. She makes personal growth and transformation so much easier. Plus she is a true joy as an instructor. Thank you, thank you!

    Charlie Chen
    CEO, DFW Technology

    As I move into my 60’s, it’s a great blessing to encounter the 120 years book, and the associated training and education with the Sedona 120 School. The ultimate value of this program is to help you to find the meaning and purpose of your life. It provides amazing guidance and exercises to fulfill your life regardless of your stage of life. The most unique approach of this retreat is not only the concepts and understanding, but the exercises you go through, such as experiencing the energy or meridian exercises in the natural environment.
    The program is designed for individual development, but it’s also great for couples. When you and your life partner are learning how to re-discover yourself and to live the rest of your life meaningfully, it is precious and beautiful that you and your partner can participate together.

    Loretta Young Heidorn
    Sedona, AZ

    I am becoming more aware of and understanding my own energy, so I can find the stillness, calm and peace and learn to heal myself and help others to learn to heal themselves. I am finally taking charge of my life and what I am putting out into the world, trying to consciously create a better me, improving the possibilities of what I can share with my family, friends, community and a better world.

    Pauline Chen
    VP, DFW Technology

    During the Sedona 120 School Retreat, most of my doubts and confusion were answered through Ilchibuko’s patient and clear guidance. We love her, and her passion and devotion are much appreciated!

    Eight Core Modules
    Module 1
    What Do You Really Want?
    Dive deep into the quest to feel your soul; Define a life of authenticity and growth from the ground up. Discovering what you really want to do with your life isn’t an easy task for most of us. Module 1 begins by exploring the most fundamental questions necessary to initiate a life of value and fulfillment. Uncover the deep meaning in the cycle of life and death, and embark on a journey to conquer fear and embrace the letting go of everything that has held you back.
    Module 2
    Make Your Body Your Greatest Tool
    Learn basic ancient health secrets & principles from Eastern philosophies. As a tool to build awareness with the power to bring us into the moment, the body is our greatest asset in our journey toward awakening and growth. Learn how to detect and correct imbalances to support the natural process of growth.
    Module 3
    Lux Living: Raising Consciousness With Cosmic Energy
    What is consciousness? What is unconsciousness? How can we raise our consciousness and keep a state of brightness, even through the most difficult life challenges? Module 3 is focused on experiencing cosmic consciousness and gaining an understanding about how to invoke it, whenever and wherever you want.
    Module 4
    Transforming Negative Habits to Serve Your Purpose
    In Module 4, we examine the internal process for transforming negativity, by examining our issues all the way to the root. Through a process of acceptance, self-love and forgiveness, you will gain the skills and experience needed to transform fear into love.
    Module 5
    Speak With Confidence From Your Soul’s Voice
    Only after we’ve gone through the transformation are we ready to truly listen to the voice within. At this level, we begin to work with affirmations and mantras to manifest into consciousness our power to choose and our freedom of choice. We also take a deeper look into the question ‘Who am I?’ as a means of expanding awareness and validation.
    Module 6
    Step Into Creative Power to Manifest Your Intentions
    In this creative workshop, we explore subjects in practicum including: Intention and alignment, visualization, intuition, ideas and inner guidance, synchronicity, and taking action. Module 6 focuses on using the skills learned in earlier modules and using them as tools to create a life that you’ve always wanted.
    Module 7
    Live an Inspired Life that Ignites Passion
    In our two-part ‘Meet Inspiration’ series, you will have an opportunity to hear firsthand testimonials from individuals who have achieved their dreams. These stories will serve models and inspiration for you to take on your own Dream Project.
    Module 8
    Dream Project: Build Your Ideal Life in Reality
    This is the launch of your Dream Project with our support, including Q&A with counsellors, guided energy meditations, and mentorship. You are now in the driver’s seat, and we’re cheering you on to your dream destination. Whether it’s a career change, improved relationships, or a new project initiative, your Dream Project presents an opportunity to do the thing you’ve always wanted but somehow haven’t been able to accomplish. No idea is too silly, and no feat is too large!
    Through the power of choice, a practice of self-reliance, and most importantly, a greater sense of purpose—anything is truly possible.
    It all starts with you.
    Invest in your own education become part of a worldwide network of fellow dream achievers who practice their power to heal themselves and the planet.
    Cost $4,600
    Money Back Guarantee
    We are confident you’ll be happy with the Sedona 120 School. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your enrollment, simply contact us at info@sedona120school.com within 30 days for a full refund.